Diablo Immortal threatens ban in China – Xi Jinping settlement may be to blame

Diablo Immortal China Ban: Winnie the Pooh is said to be to blame

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Of: Robin Dittrich

Diablo Immortal was supposed to celebrate its release in China. Unfortunately, nothing seems to come of these plans.

Irvine, California – Diablo Immortal has been running hot since its release on June 2, 2022 – at least in the western world. In the Asia-Pacific region, the release of the Blizzard game has now been postponed. This region also includes China, which could be responsible for the shift. According to speculation, a post by a Blizzard employee on Weibo caused some unrest in the land of the rising sun. All information about the Diablo Immortal China Ban can be found here.

game namet Diablo Immortal
release June 2, 2022
series Diablo
developer Blizzard Entertainment, NetEase
platforms Android, iOS, PC
Publishers Activision Blizzard
genre Action RPG, Hack and Slash

Diablo Immortal China Ban: Is Winnie the Pooh Post to Blame for Release Delay?

That happened: Diablo Immortal was supposed to be released in China on June 22, 2022. Officially, it was only said that the development team was working on a number of optimizations. However, a completely different event from May 22, 2022 could be to blame. On that day, the roughly translated Chinese phrase “Why hasn’t the bear resigned yet?“ posted. It is said to be a comparison of China’s ruler Xi Jinping with Winnie the Pooh – something that the statesman does not find funny at all.

Who posted the sentence? According to multiple media sources, the post is said to have been written by a Diablo Immortal Marketing employee. Since then, the sentence has been making waves in China and could even ban Diablo Immortal in China. The explosive thing: The post is said to come from an account in the USA – that’s clearly recognizable. It is not yet known whether it was posted on the account on purpose or by mistake. A statement from Blizzard is also still awaited. Whether there will be a ban on Diablo Immortal in China is not foreseeable.

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Diablo Immortal China Ban: What it could mean for upcoming game releases

Devastating effects threaten: All marketing for Diablo Immortal in China is said to have been shut down. And Blizzard’s co-developer NetEase is also likely to panic. The Chinese company is said to be severely punished in its own country and not allowed to acquire a new game license for upcoming games for the next three years. NetEase holds the licenses for Minecraft, Starcraft II, Diablo and World of Warcraft in China. The upcoming releases of the games Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 and WoW’s next addon Dragonflight would also be affected by the ban. The NetEase share also fell by 15 percent in the meantime.

Diablo Immortal China Ban: Winnie the Pooh is said to be to blame © Blizzard/Emmanuele Contini/Imago/Pinterest (Montage)

Diablo Immortal reviewed: Diablo Immortal is not only making waves in China. Although the hack and slash game is free to play, the endgame is very expensive – if you want to play at the top. The Legendary Gems are particularly important. If you want to push your character to the maximum, you should have to pay between 100,000 and 540,000 dollars in Diablo Immortal if you Reddit post believes. An unbelievable sum. Massive sums of money and the Diablo Immortal China Ban – the news doesn’t stop. For casual players there is a cool demon hunter build in Diablo Immortals that you can use to explore the underworld.