play5 08/22 with cover story on Marvel’s Midnight Suns, preview of Street Fighter 6, tests on TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge and much more

The most important topics of play5 07/2022

Superheroes always go. Let’s just say it boldly, even if the films and series are getting the upper hand for one or the other. In the games sector, however, successful representatives with a hero theme are welcome. A promising title is currently in development at Firaxis, the tactical experts at Firaxis, in the form of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. We now had the opportunity to visit the studio, talk to the creators and play the exciting tactical RPG ourselves – you can read all about it in our big cover story.

We were also able to play Street Fighter 6 for the first time – the latest part of Capcom’s time-honoured series of fighting games breaks new ground in some respects, not least in terms of looks. We will therefore tell you everything that has been reported about Ryu, Ken and Co. so far on four pages. Meanwhile, an insider tip is approaching with Stray on velvet paws – in this cyberpunk adventure you slip into the fur of a cat and sneak through a gloomy metropolis to reveal its secrets.