An unusual duo is dominating LoL right now, and a supporter is to blame

Ein ungewöhnliches Duo dominiert gerade in LoL und ein Supporter ist schuld daran

In the League of Legends botlane, a ranged fighter with attack damage (AD carry) is usually used. However, the highest win rates have a mage and a support, but they occupy the position of the AD carry. The players have identified the champion Senna as the villain.

What is this duo? In the current 12.12 patch, Tahm Kench has a 56.52% winrate in the botlane and Seraphine has a 54.49% winrate – looking at matches played in the Platinum League or higher (via

Not only are they the strongest champions in the botlane, but they also hold the #1 and #2 highest win rates in the game. Volibear is currently third in the jungle with 54.18%.

What defines the champions? Both benefit tremendously from their supporter Senna.

Senna’s goal is to collect as many stacks of the Black Souls as possible and nerf the opponents with damage from afar. It is not played as a classic support, but later builds AD items. This technique is called “Fasting Senna” and was already very popular in 2020.

  • Tahm Kench can farm many minions in the joint matchup and thus develop into a strong tank particularly quickly. In general, he can withstand a lot in the fights in the botlane and has CC. This ensures that the combo can stay in the botlane for a long time and collect as many souls.
  • Seraphine, on the other hand, focuses fully on magic in runes and items. Her main strengths are her CC, which allows her to control enemies, and her ranged damage with the “Q” and “E”. She can generate a lot of Poke with Senna and playing against her is correspondingly annoying because Seraphine and Senna both have healing as well.
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The Star Guardian event is currently running in LoL. This video gives an insight:

LoL: The popular Star Guardian event is back – teaser reveals release date

Seraphine and Tahm Kench got nerfs and are still really strong

What is Riot Games doing about it? Not enough, at least the players say. Seraphine got a nerf with Patch 12.12. Their scaling with AP in the notes and the duration of the CC have been reduced. Tahm Kench has also been weakened. His health and damage from his passive have been nerfed.

But at the same time, Riot Games Senna missed a small buff. Her health increased by 30 and the damage from her Q was slightly reduced in the early game but increased slightly in the late game.

However, Senna is exactly the problem that many players have identified (via reddit). While the support itself has a lower win rate, when paired with Seraphine or Tahm Kench, it skyrockets. Senna is also often combined with real AD carries, while the other two champions are used almost exclusively with Senna.

How to counter that? With more poke. If you want to defeat Tahm Kench and Senna in the early game, you need a supporter with a lot of damage in the botlane like Ashe, Seraphine or Karma and an AD carry with a lot of damage in the early game like Ezreal or Ziggs.

Another hope could be the upcoming patch 12.13, which is expected to be released on July 13th. However, there are currently no nerfs for the three champions mentioned on the test server.

However, in patch 12.13, a new AD carry will be released:

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