ANNO 2070: Developers want to save online functions

ANNO 2070: Developers want to save online functions

As Ubisoft announced, 15 games will lose their online functionality on September 1st. This also affects ANNO 2070 (from 7.99 at to buy) . But the developers don’t want to leave it that way – and are trying to find a solution.

A future for Anno 2070?

According to an update from the German developers of Ubisoft Mainz, the studio wants to use some developer resources to prevent Anno 2070 from being switched off online. To do this, an upgrade is supposed to bring the game’s outdated online infrastructure to a newer system.

This should make it possible to use the online features of the construction game beyond September 1st. However, the developers cannot yet guarantee that their efforts will be crowned with success. Further updates in the coming months should keep the Anno 2070 player base up to date on the progress.

Older Ubisoft games such as the Assassin’s Creed 2 trilogy and Far Cry 3 are particularly affected by the shutdown of online services. However, the servers of the VR online shooter Space Junkies, which was only released in 2019, will also be shut down.

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