Beerio Kart: Ludwig hosts an alcohol-heavy Mario Kart tournament

Beerio Kart: Ludwig hosts an alcohol-heavy Mario Kart tournament

Even though Mario Kart 9 is rumored to be in development, it’s holding up Nintendo Fans of the brisk party are currently still with the eighth part on the pole, which, thanks to the extensive route DLC, is finally getting new lanes. Still, some Mario Kart players would like to see fresh cars instead of just a shiny new coat of paint.

To the waiting time until the next Mario Kart to bridge, some fans are now coming up with particularly creative ways to make the Switch best seller a little more exciting. YouTube star Ludwig for example, who wants to organize an exciting racer duel tomorrow. His secret ingredient for an interesting tournament? Lots of beer!

Ludwig invites you: Mario Kart tournament with beer bar

Of the streamers announced on twitter namely the return of its Mario Kart format, in which the participants properly tip one behind the bandage. In real life, of course, you should never fall short alcohol influence behind the wheel of a car, but on digital slopes there is nothing to be said against a refreshing barley drink before driving.

With a total of 16 streamers Ludwig therefore entertaining viewers all over the world and already tomorrow, on Thursday, the 7th of July. Around 22 O `clock here we go: The perfect time to relax with a few beers in front of Ludwig’s stream and enjoy the wild bash or throw on the switch and do a few laps through the mushroom kingdom yourself.

the exact rules Incidentally, the streamer has not yet announced it, but will probably only reveal it tomorrow in his stream. The many certainly also under the lively title “Mario Kart: Don’t Drink and Drive” well-known mixture of Mario Kart and alcohol consumption is a versatile format. The participants often get a drink, which they then have to empty by the end of a race or a cup.

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