Cheater wave floods Warzone – fans lose their minds

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Of: Janik Boeck

The cheaters are back. Over the weekend, fans observed an increasing number of tormentors in battle royale. Do you need to worry?

Santa Monica, California – It’s been quiet on the Warzone cheat front for a long time. Now, however, some fans are reporting that the plague has found its way back into Activision’s Battle Royale. Does that mean honest players need to worry about the game? We’ll tell you.

Warzone: The Return of the Cheaters – Fans are going crazy

Are the cheaters really back? A post appeared in the Warzone subreddit over the weekend in which fans heatedly discussed the increasing number of cheaters. User elSteele25 claimed to have discovered more cheats last weekend. He or she doesn’t seem to be entirely alone in this. In the comments there are several other users who share this observation.

Just when anti-cheat software Ricochet seemed to be doing a good job for the past few months, the return of cheaters is a big blow. Just a few days ago, a clip circulated in which a Warzone streamer humiliated a cheater. Now the tables seem to have turned.

Cheaters in Warzone – here to stay?

Why are Chetaers coming back now? Ricochet will never be able to eliminate all hackers, especially since some of them work with other mean tricks. A streamer recently exposed her ex-boyfriend as a cheater in Warzone. For many, the sudden increase in cheaters in Warzone has a specific reason: cheat providers have once again made their software available for free.

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Warzone: A new wave of cheaters is here © Unsplash / Activision (Montage)

At the beginning of the year there was a case in which a cheat empire distributed free hacks for Warzone. This seems to have happened again just in time for Independence Day in the USA. In the spirit of “blunt shooting until deafness or loss of limbs”, cheaters could fire fireworks of the annoying extra class in Warzone.

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Does the problem start all over again? The honest players can rest easy. The cheat providers are constantly adapting their software, but so is Ricochet. It shouldn’t be long before the anti-cheat software detects and penalizes the new methods. If you want to know more about the Activision Battle Royale, take a look at our Warzone topic page. There you will find useful tips, tricks and guides, as well as the latest news.