Cosplay: NieR: Automata 2B and Princess Peach crossover

Princess Peach

Two worlds meet here that nobody would normally associate: The dystopia of NieR: Automata and the colorful world of Super Mario.

How would one crossover from these two games combined in one cosplay look?

Crossover cosplay of a different kind – Mads_five makes it possible

Cosplayer Mads_five did he Outfit form of the NieR protagonist 2B served and at the Color scheme and hair style of the famous Princess Peach get inspired. She herself names her creation 2Peach.

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The result can now be admired on Twitter: Mads_five carries 2B’s dress in bright peach pinkmatching pink-pink overknee boots and even that Sword is with pink elements Mistake. The patterns and stitching are like parts of the gloves and the hilt of the sword kept in white.

In contrast to the hairstyle typical for 2B, because instead of white hair, Mads_Five wears one blonde wig. Although it is only shoulder-length, it is in the Styled in Princess Peach style and adorned with a pink headband.


Even in makeup and jewellery finds the princess from Super Mario: Both Eye shadow, as well as the lips are in pink held and worn by the cosplayer large, round earrings in turquoise blue.

In a subsequent Twitter post, Mads_Five revealed that she designed the costume after a pattern from the Cosplay designer Stella Chuu sewed himself.

NieR: Automata coming to Switch soon

That being said, cosplays from 2B still very popular are, the timing for the crossover cosplay is well chosen.

Just recently a port of NieR: Automata for the Nintendo Switch announced. To some extent also a crossover between NieR and Nintendo but in a slightly different way.

The Switch version will come out on October 6th in The End of YoHRa Editionwhich already two DLCs will include.

NieR: AutomataNieR: Automata is coming to Switch later this year

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