Deepcool LS: New ARGB compact water coolers in black and white

Deepcool LS: New ARGB compact water coolers in black and white

from Norman Wittkopf
With the LS series, the Chinese manufacturer Deepcool presents new AiO coolers for CPUs that feature lighting and black or white housing colors.

According to the announcement, the new LS series with radiator sizes of 120, 240 and 360 millimeters is based on the new 4th generation Deepcool water pump design, which features an improved micro-channel layout for optimized coolant flow, a 3-phase motor with up to 3,100 rpm /Min and a “solid” copper base plate to maximize cooling performance.

The front of the pump features an infinity mirror design that projects two loops of light, with the standard pump faceplate being high gloss and rotatable. In addition, the scope of delivery includes an additional empty plate for your own design, which can be used as a sticker, for example.

Fan and other key data

According to the press release, the supplied Deepcool FC120 fans with hydrodynamic bearings and a dynamic PWM range of around 500 to 2,250 rpm promise improved airflow and static pressure with low noise levels and a long service life. In order to simplify cable management, the fans can be chained directly to one another via an interface.

Thanks to the 5V-A-RGB header, the lighting of the entire system can be synchronized with supported mainboards or controllers. Meanwhile, newly designed mounting brackets should make installation on the Intel sockets LGA 2066, 2011-v3, 2011, 1700, 1200, 1151 and 1150/1155 as well as AMD sTRX4, sTR4, AM4 and AM5 easy. On top of that, there is a five-year guarantee. The data sheets provide further key data:

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release and prices

The LS520 WH and LS720 WH models offer the same features and performance as the rest of the LS range, but in an all white design. The LS320, LS520 and LS720 models from 120 to 360 millimeters are to be available from July 15 on Amazon and Alternate, while the LS520 WH and LS720 WH in 240 and 360 millimeters are to be available from August 25. In the PCGH price comparison, the black models are already available from Amazon, which is currently the only retailer listedat prices of 99.99 euros, 129.99 euros and 149.99 euros, depending on the size.