Denuvo: Controversial copy protection now also for DLCs

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The copy protection software developed by Denuvo now also applies to DLC content. What does this mean for players and dev teams?


Denuvo copy protection is very controversial in the gaming community.
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The sometimes controversial copy protection from Denuvo, which is used in many current video games, has been expanded to include a new function. Now it is also possible with the software Protect DLC content from piracyas from a report of the online magazine PC gamers emerges.

Denuvo is an Austrian company that belongs to Irdeto. They have always stated that their copy protection software is no DRM solution acts, as is often claimed. Since 2018, Denuvo has also been offering a Anti cheat tool which is used in various multiplayer games.

Both the copy protection and the anti-cheat software are in the community controversialsince they are included in the games causing obligation are installed deep in the files of your own PC, sometimes also run in the background when the game has not been started and on some systems performance issues have led.

Now, Denuvo enables development teams to use their SecureDLC-Copy protection to also protect the content that studios offer for sale beyond the main game. According to Denuvo, it has been relatively easy to circumvent the protections of DLC packages.

Your software is the “first solution of its kind” and should be particularly simple but effective. The SecureDLC copy protection is API-based and only makes minimal changes to the game’s source code. The API revalidation then protects the game content from unauthorized access.

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According to the company, the new copy protection should already be used in the first games. However, it was not revealed which studios use SecureDLC. Because currently many companies make large sums of money through microtransactions and DLC contentbut it seems only a matter of time before copy protection finds its way into other systems.

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