Destiny Mobile: Bungie is working on a mobile version of the shooter

Destiny Mobile (Shooter) von Bungie

Development studio Bungie is reportedly working on a mobile release of its FPS title Destiny. With tech giant NetEase, an experienced partner was brought on board.

This reported at least The Game Post, citing a source said to be aware of NetEase’s development plans. Last year, the portal drew attention to a job offer from Bungie that required potential applicants to be “willing to travel to China”. This could also be an indication of an upcoming Destiny Mobile title, as the Chinese company only invested around 100 million US dollars in Bungie in 2018.

Destiny Mobile by Bungie: sci-fi shooter soon on the smartphone screen?

Bungie and NetEase have reportedly been working on Destiny Mobile for several years. A completely new game is suspected behind the large-scale project, instead of a smartphone port for Destiny’s first or second part. However, given that Destiny 2 was released five long years ago, fans of the series may have expected the popular shooter series to continue.

In general, Destiny Mobile is inevitably reminiscent of Diablo Immortal. A mobile spin-off of a strong title that loyal fans have been waiting for a sequel for a long time. The fact that NetEase is also behind Diablo Immortal, which was released about a month ago for smartphones and tablets as well as the PC, does not exactly reduce the familiar feeling.

Due to numerous possibilities to improve one’s characters in Diablo Immortal with real money, not only NetEase, but above all developer studio Blizzard has already received a lot of criticism in the recent past. Let’s just hope that Destiny Mobile doesn’t face the same allegations should it actually be released in the future.

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More mobile projects planned by Bungie

In addition to Destiny Mobile, Halo Studio also appears to be planning to reassess its position in the mobile market. To this end, the team was already looking for a job advertisement in April for developers who should work on an in-house engine for mobile games. However, whether these are mobile offshoots of well-known titles or completely new franchises is completely unknown, as is a possible release period for Destiny Mobile. Only the limited Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn nerfgun was officially announced by Bungie recently.