Diablo Immortal: Even more frustration thanks to the pay-to-win patch

Diablo Immortal (Rollenspiel) von Blizzard Entertainment

Criticism continues to hail Diablo Immortal: Blizzard’s latest update of the mobile offshoot causes frustration among fans. The reason for this lies in the requirements that the new boss demands.

With all love for difficult content: The first major content update for Diablo Immortal gives us a boss with raid boss Vitaath, in which many players see just another perfidious plan by the developers to pull the money out of our pockets.

Diablo Immortal: Extremely high combat rating required for final boss Vitaath

If you compare the requirements with those of the first raid encounter of the free-to-play title, you can quickly see what a diabolical offspring of the infernal forge is behind Vitaath: At the release in June, there were still combat ratings of 420, 1,250 or 1,640 points for the Raids in Diablo Immortal necessary, the shuddering death, as the new boss is called, raises the level by almost 400 points. For its second and third difficulty levels, you need a combat rating of 2,450 and 3,465 points, respectively.

The first boss, Lassal, already demanded a lot from players who didn’t want to throw their hard-earned money down the developer’s throat. The excitement about the latest challenge is correspondingly high on Reddit: Enthusiastic Diablo Immortal players, who are still attached to the title despite all the pay-to-win criticism, fear that it will take an immense amount of time or particularly high real-money stakes to defeat Vitaath.

The Reliquary of Hell includes raid bosses that you must defeat with a group of eight players. A new adversary should be added at monthly intervals, which should put enormous pressure on free-to-play players in particular. In view of the fact that a fully equipped character in Diablo Immortal can cost you an incredible sum of up to 100,000 euros, this can understandably quickly spoil the joy of new content. The criticism of the game’s pay-to-win system has been so strong in recent weeks that even developer Blizzard felt compelled to comment.

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