Diablo Immortal made so much money despite Shitstorm

Almost nobody can defeat the new boss in Diablo Immortal

Recently we reported how much money Blizzard is using Diablo Immortal earned within the first two weeks. More than a month has passed since the release of the free-2-play offshoot of the Diablo series and the title is, despite numerous Shitstormsa financial success for Blizzard. Eventually, the game took off like no other $49 million in the first month. It was already known that this was by far the most successful launch in the history of the Diablo series acts. The financial success of the more than controversial title confirms a thesis that the CEO of Saber Interactive shared some time ago: According to him, ratings are no longer decisive for the financial success of a game. And when you compare Diablo Immortal’s earnings with the ratings and feedback, this theory seems to be correct.

Diablo Immortal controversies

Since the release of the title for iOS and Android, there have been repeated reports of abstruse microtransactions and the pay-2-win mechanisms associated with them. What was impressive was the calculation that fully equipping a character would cost over 100,000 US dollars. The reaction from customers was correspondingly negative, especially on platforms such as Metacritic. In the meantime, even numerous larger streamers have distanced themselves from the title.

Better future for the Free 2 Play offshoot?

The first major update for the title announced at Blizzcon 2016 is scheduled for this summer. The extent to which work is being done on the often criticized mechanics cannot currently be foreseen. From a financial point of view, however, a complete change of the model does not seem necessary.

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