Elden Ring: Mad Gamer defeats the most difficult boss 2,000 times – Now even the publisher honors him

Elden Ring: Mad Gamer defeats the most difficult boss 2,000 times - Now even the publisher honors him

FromSoftware’s successful title Elden Ring is characterized, among other things, by the difficult boss fights. The warrior Malenia in particular is an unpleasant opponent for many players. But LetMeSoloHer became a legend by taking over the fight for players unknown to him, winning and doing them a great favor. Even the publisher Bandai Namco thanks him for this noble behavior.

Why is the publisher giving him a gift? Malenia is one of the toughest bosses in the action RPG Elden Ring. Many players have problems with the warrior. But the player Klein Tsuboi aka LetMeSoloHer has set himself the task of defeating Malenia single-handedly and helping the players who are desperate for the boss. He does it impressively, with no armor and just a jar on his head.

In total, Little Tsuboi has won the fight against Malenia over 2,000 times and helped just as many desperate players. The Elden Ring publisher thanks him for this with a gift.

The story of LetMeSoloHer and how he became a legend is also available in the video on MeinMMO:

A half-naked player in Elden Ring became a community legend – This is his story

What’s the deal with the gift? Little Tsuboi made a post on reddit addressing the question of being retired as LetMeSoloHer. No, don’t be him. He also speaks of a gift package that he should receive from Bandai Namco, the publisher of the action RPG.

It is not yet known what is included in the package. According to a Twitter chat between Klein Tsuboi and the official “Elden Ring” Twitter account, there were probably problems with French customs, which is why the package has not yet arrived at the community legend in the USA.

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In the comments on reddit, user Oloziz asked if Tsuboi would become what’s included in the pack. The latter confirmed this, adding that he has been wondering what will be in the package for a long time and that he will take numerous pictures when the gift arrives.

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Has a foreign player ever helped you in Elden Ring or other challenging titles and paved the way past a difficult boss or something similar? Are you also curious about what’s in Bandai Namco’s gift for LetMeSoloHer?

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