Forspoken – postponed again!

Forspoken rumor: Another postponement - because of Final Fantasy 16?  (1)

from Susan Brown
The developers of Luminous Productions and Square Enix have announced via Twitter that the open-world JRPG Forspoken will be postponed again. Instead of October 2022, the game will now be released on January 24, 2023 – as if we hadn’t guessed it. After all, Final Fantasy 16 wasn’t the villain.

Drum roll: Forspoken (formerly Project Athia) development under the wing of Square Enix and Luminous Productions continues to struggle. And that results in another shift. The Forspoken release was first announced for May 24, 2022. Then it was postponed to October 11, 2022. And now this: Forspoken has been pushed back to a 2023 release date by the developers, namely on January 24, 2023. The devs argue this shift with a strategic decision. But all elements of the open world fantasy adventure are finished, now it just needs to be polished with what the cuff and the polishing compound allow.

Uff, another shift

As early as May 2022, there was a rumor that Forspoken could be delayed again. However, the background looked different at that time, because at that time we assumed that Final Fantasy 16 could still be released in 2022 and that Forspoken would therefore be postponed – so that the two games don’t take away each other’s player base.

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