Games with Gold: Microsoft announces changes to monthly “free” games

Games with Gold: ​

Microsoft gives an update to the monthly “Free” games on Xbox Live. In a circular email to users, the group announced that the line-ups will no longer include Xbox 360 games from October 1st. “We have reached the limit of our possibilities, Add Xbox 360 games to the catalogue“, Microsoft writes in the message. Nevertheless, every month Games with Gold should contain “exciting Xbox One titles and exclusive savings”.

Changes from October

Xbox 360 games you downloaded before October 2022 will not be affected. “Any Xbox 360 titles redeemed through Games with Gold before this point can be kept in your Xbox account, regardless of whether you continue your subscription,” Microsoft added. Most recently, Microsoft distributed two Xbox One and Xbox 360 games each month to all Xbox Live Gold members. Due to the backward compatibility on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, the 360 ​​games can also be played comfortably on the current Xbox consoles.