God of War dev studio speaks out against toxic fans

God of War dev studio speaks out against toxic fans

Since the announcement of God of War Ragnarok reigns around the release of the successor to the phenomenal reboot of 2018 quite a mess. There have been rumors again and again that the first postponement of the game will not be the last and that fans should no longer expect the single-player blockbuster in 2022 – although these rumors have always been officially denied.

Now the responsible development studio reported Sony Santa Monica again to speak and not only confirmed the release 2022 again, but also finally revealed the exact date: On November 9th when the time has finally come, God of War Ragnarök appears (buy now ) exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and 5. But the road to this announcement was not only a rocky one because of the false rumours.

God of War Ragnarok: Sexual Harassment just to find out the release date

Apparently, the developer studio saw numerous intrusive and sometimes toxic fans exposed who had been harassing Santa Monica people about the appointment. A tweet from Estelle Tigani, the producer for cinematics at Sony Santa Monica, shows how far some “fans” have gone.

She wrote a few days ago on twitter: “Pro tip: Sending me pictures of your penis and asking me when God of War Raganrök will be released won’t make me tell you the release date. To the people who do this: when did that ever work for you?”