Knossi with big face – streamer is not afraid of elite soldier


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Of: Daniel Neubert

Knossi takes part in the second season of 7 vs Wild and is considered an absolute underdog. That doesn’t stop the streamer from making big jokes.

Baden-Baden – Twitch streamer Jens Knossalla, better known as Knossi, is exotic among the participants in the second season of 7 vs. Wild in several respects. In contrast to its competitors, the entertainer and YouTuber is anything but a survival expert. Now that the field of participants has been finally determined apart from the wildcard, the streamer reacted to the introduction video of the last participant on YouTube. Knossi was surprisingly self-confident.

Full name Jens Knossalla
Known as Knossi
birthday July 7, 1986
Place of birth malsh
Followers on Instagram 1.4 million (as of July 2022)
Followers on Twitch 2 million (as of July 2022)

7 vs. Wild: Knossi, the underdog, provokes elite soldier on YouTube

That’s what the new video is about: The production of the second season “7 vs. Wild” is in the starting blocks. Rumors about the location have been circulating for weeks and the field of participants has gradually been filled. The entertainer Knossi is on board as a participant with the least survival experience as an absolute outsider. Knossi’s commitment caused a lot of discussion. Now the entertainer from Baden-Baden commented on the introduction video of the newest participant.

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In his video on YouTube from July 2nd, Knossi reacted to the new video by Fritz Meinecke, the man behind “7 vs. Wild”. Meinecke had presented the new participant Ottogerd Karasch in a video in the past few days and Knossi was discussing it with his live chat. Karasch is a former soldier and literally knows all the tricks. The 49-year-old is a real survival expert who could give Meinecke some serious competition in the second season of 7 vs. Wild.

How does Knossi react? At first glance, the streamer is absolutely unimpressed. However, it is clear that Knossi does not take the show as deadly seriously as the other participants. When Meinecke lists the participants in his video for “7 vs. Wild”, Knossi involuntarily laughs and comments: “It couldn’t be more inappropriate to hear my name there.

7 vs. Wild: Knossi reacts to an elite soldier – “You can bring whoever you want against me” © Chris Emil Janßen / Imago / Fritz Meinecke / Unsplash (Montage)

Knossi is absolutely aware of his role as an outsider in “7 vs. Wild” and also addresses the topic directly. In fact, he personally finds it more exciting to have people with less experience on the show than seven experts, all of whom would be fine in the wild.

Before Ottogerd Karasch von Meinecke is introduced in the video, Knossi comments: “No chance. You can bring whoever you want against me.‘ Then he grins and continues: ‘Somewhere in me there is also a bit of a big face.

7 vs Wild: The community is excited to see how Knossi performs

what do the comments say Overall, viewers are looking forward to Knossi’s participation in the show. While they’re certain the streamer won’t walk away as a winner, they’re excited to see how long it will last. In any case, one thing is clear: the number of friends among the fans for the second season “7 vs. Wild” is already huge, the videos and reactions are sometimes clicked hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube.

  • Thomas Feller writes: “I think it’s great that you’re participating. It will be a big challenge, but it is precisely the mixture of experienced and less experienced people that makes it interesting. I also think you are underestimated.”
  • Timmetri comments: “Knossi, you pack the 7 days! You are a man who devours crocodiles raw and slurps poisonous snakes like spaghetti!”

Knossi is well aware that he probably won’t win, but organizer Fritz Meinecke stands by his choice and has defended the entertainer in the past. It is quite possible that the viewers in front of the screens underestimate the entertainer from Baden-Baden. There may also be a tough survivor slumbering in the streamer that the world just hasn’t seen yet. In any case, it won’t be long before fans can experience Knossi in the wild.

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In November of this year, the second season “7 vs. Wild” will be available on YouTube. One thing is certain: The second season of “7 vs. Wild” will definitely be an exciting affair with such an ambitious and motivated field of participants.