Michael Jordan is back! – as the cover star of NBA 2K23

Michael Jordan is back!  - as the cover star of NBA 2K23

Those responsible at 2K recently gave the first details NBA 2K23 revealed. This year, fans of the basketball simulation will see legend Michael Jordan on the cover. The NBA superstar is on the box for the title for the fourth time. At the September 9, 2022 NBA 2K23 will go on sale – including the Michael Jordan Edition and the Championship edition with the Hall of Fame player on the cover.

Jordan Challenge is back!

In the latest installment of basketball simulation, you have the chance to relive the most iconic moments in Michael Jordan’s career. As part of the “Jordan Challenge” will you 15 different scenarios are available. In addition to the ten challenges that you may still know from NBA 2K11, there are still more to come this year five more moments from the career of the NBA legend. Additionally there will also be some video vignettes give.

Here, celebrities from the NBA, teammates and many other personalities talk about the special events in the career of Michael Jordan. 2K would like to announce further details about the game mode in the summer. The highlight of the new Championship edition is the enclosed one NBA League Passwith which you sign up for a year all games the coming NBA season can watch. Pre-orders start on July 7, 2022.

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