Nintendo Switch Pro is not off the table yet: Reveal is said to take place in summer 2022

The Nintendo Switch will almost certainly have a successor.

The Nintendo Switch could use an upgrade beyond the OLED model’s improvements.

The Nintendo Switch Pro was hotly debated and then never came with the expected technology. Instead, we got the OLED model, which left a lot to be desired. Now the guesswork and hoping is apparently starting all over again. Nintendo has apparently taken some trailers offline and according to some fans, that could indicate a successor announcement soon. An analyst also believes that something else related to a Switch Pro will happen this summer.

Nintendo Switch Pro is being talked about again for Summer 2022

That’s what it’s about: Many continue to hope for a Nintendo Switch Pro. For example, it could finally offer 4K resolutions in docked mode, rely on DLSS or FSR and perhaps also enable much more pleasant, higher frame rates. Maybe even around 120 FPS? That would make the Switch technically much more competitive. But so far there is no trace of such an improvement.

Is the Switch Pro coming? Now there are new rumors that are heating up the old speculations again. Nintendo is said to have taken some trailers for the Switch OLED model offline. And because Apple has already done this before a successor version was announced, the alarm bells are ringing for some fans. However, there are still some official Nintendo accounts like the one from Germany where the trailers can still be found (via: ResetEra).

And of course we at GamePro also have them:

Nintendo Switch (OLED) - Trailer reveals switch console with new display technology


Nintendo Switch (OLED) – Trailer reveals switch console with new display technology

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Then there’s a tweet from analyst Dr. Serkan Toto. He recently tweeted that the Summer 2022 actually “pro-time”. He could well have been referring to a possible announcement or release of a Switch Pro. At least that’s how many fans interpret it. However, the analyst has since deleted his tweet. Here on ResetEra but he can still be seen.

What does all this mean now? That remains unclear. The only thing that seems certain is that there are many people out there who are still hoping for a more powerful Nintendo Switch. A corresponding model would of course also fit perfectly with Xenoblades Chronicles 3 or the Zelda BotW sequel. But so far there is no concrete evidence or an official announcement.

More Nintendo news:

You should therefore enjoy the whole thing with the appropriate caution. The fact that the tweet was deleted again could mean that it was true and that Nintendo had it deleted. But it could also mean the exact opposite, because Dr. Serkan Toto has changed his mind. Incidentally, this analyst also predicted in 2020 and 2021 that the Switch Pro would be coming soon. But who knows, all good things come in threes.

What do you think? Have you given up hope for a better Switch Pro yet?