One Piece Film: Red will be released in German cinemas in 2022

Aspiring pirates have reason to be happy, because what was mere assumption and hope for a long time has now come true crunchy roll now officially confirmed: One Piece Film: Red will be in German cinemas in 2022.

During the 15. Film offshoot already at August 6 in Japan starts, fans in this country have to be patient a little bit longer.

Hoist the sails! One Piece Film: Red – In cinemas soon

Offerer crunchy roll announced that they would take over the distribution of the musical adventure of the Straw Hat Gang and thus bring “One Piece Film: Red” to German and Austrian cinemas.

A specific date has not yet been set, but the period seems reasonable October 2022 secure.

Two is Better: O-ton advocates and advocates may on a subtitled version rejoice, while fans of the German voices with the dubbed version get their money’s worth.

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On the streaming platform of the same name, Crunchyroll offers the over 1,000 episodes of the current pirate saga for retrieval. It is not yet known whether the screen adventure will also be included in the catalogue. But the editor-in-chief of Crunchyroll Germany, Melanie Höpfler, promises more details soon.

If you haven’t gotten around to it yet, get an impression of Protagonist Uta and her key role in One Piece Film: Red, feel free to take a look at the recent trailer.

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There’s also something for your ears here. With the title song “A New Age”, singer Ado, who lends her singing voice to Uta, an acoustic foretaste.

But perhaps you belong to the category of people who shy away from this Whale from Anime Epic to deliver? Then maybe Sven with three good reasons convince. And just between us: Cheating is allowed. In this article Ben tells you which ones filler episodes you can safely skip.

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