Pokémon GO Brings 9 New Field Researches to the Anniversary Event – Are They Worth It?

Pokémon GO Brings 9 New Field Researches to the Anniversary Event - Are They Worth It?

With the start of the Anniversary Event in Pokémon GO, you can secure 9 new field researches. We at MeinMMO have looked at what kind of tasks are, what rewards await you and whether they are worth it at all.

What is this research? Pokemon GO is celebrating the Pokemon GO 6th Anniversary Event. To mark the occasion, Niantic has unlocked new field research tasks for you.

You can get these by spinning the PokéStops Photo Disc. As with the field research from July 2022, the quests are displayed in the “Field” view of the game, which you can access by clicking on the binoculars. There you can see what you have to do and you can finally redeem your rewards at this point.

As you are used to from these tasks, you have unlimited time to work on them. So you can still complete them after the event ends.

How long is the anniversary event? The anniversary event started on July 6, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. local time and will run until July 12, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. local time. Until then you can find the event tasks at the PokéStops.

9 new Anniversary Event quests

With the start of the Anniversary Event, you can find 9 new research tasks in Pokémon GO right now. The tasks are very diverse, ranging from catching and throwing to spinning PokéStops and interacting with your buddy.

The rewards, on the other hand, revolve mainly around encounters with the starter Pokémon of the first seven generations of the game. With the help of Overview of LeekDuck we have summarized all tasks and rewards for you below:

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task Reward
Spin 6 PokéStops
or arenas
meeting with
Bulbasaur* or
Charmander* or
Use 6 berries
while catching
from Pokemon
meeting with
endive* or
fiery gel* or
catch 6
different types
from Pokemon
meeting with
Geckarbor* or
Flemmli* or
Earn 6 hearts
with your
meeting with
Chelast* or
Panflam* or
land 6
curveball throws
meeting with
serpifeu* or
Floink* or
send 6
with stickers
meeting with
Igamaro or
fynx or
do 6
from wild Pokémon
meeting with
Bauz or
Flamiau or
Catch 6 Pokemon 25 Mega Energy for
Mega Venusaur or
Mega Charizard or
Mega Turbok
Land 6 good throws 10 Poké Balls or
5 super balls or
2 Hyper Balls
We have Pokémon that you can also catch in their shiny form with one


Is the new field research worth it? What do you have to consider?

The encounters with Pokémon are in all cases starter Pokémon. These usually appear relatively frequently in the game and can therefore also be found at regular intervals.

However, some of these monsters have strong evolutions that you shouldn’t ignore. In addition, you can often get hold of slightly better specimens from field research. However, there are always three different monsters hiding behind the rewards. What you get is random though. Which monsters are worth it?

So if you are still looking for one or the other candidate for use in raids or the GO Battle League, you should look out for the following monsters in particular:

What do you think of the field research for the anniversary event? Will you get the starter Pokémon from the rewards? Or were you hoping for other Pokémon? Feel free to write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

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A new artwork for Pokémon GO was created to celebrate the 6th birthday. This picture shows 6 new Pokémon and therefore causes a lot of speculation among the trainers. We’ll show you what it’s all about.