PUBG: Battlegrounds: With update 18.2, Deston will be released in July

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KRAFTON, Inc is releasing the new PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS update on July 13th for PC and July 21st for consoles.

KRAFTON, Inc is releasing the new PUBG: Battlegrounds update on July 13th for PC and July 21st for consoles. Finally, players can enter Deston, the ninth map for PUBG: Battlegrounds. In addition to the new map, players can discover a variety of new features with update 18.2, including ascent aids, emergency parachutes, fuel pumps, airboats, and more.

Below is a detailed overview of Deston and all the new features coming to players in Update 18.2. For more information, see the full patch notes here. Those interested in trying out the new content can do so today on the PC Test Server.

New map: Deston

The wait for the latest PUBG: Battlegrounds 8×8 map is finally over: the devastated world of Deston is set in the near future and is now open for players to explore. Deston offers players the opportunity to traverse different biomes: a flooded downtown with one of the tallest skyscrapers ever seen in PUBG: Battlegrounds, a murky swamp, clear shores, beautiful mountains and uncharted islands. Deston will be available as a featured map and will be playable in Solo, Duos and Squad TPP and FPP modes.

  • New vehicle: airboat – On the water and on land? The new airboat vehicle meets the amphibious needs of players without having to switch between vehicles. The airboat is extremely fast on the water, travels at a maximum of 76 km/h on land and can carry up to five players. The new vehicle is only available in Deston.
  • Points of interest – A new map calls for new Points of Interest (POI) for players to explore! Deston introduces several POIs including:
    • ripton – A partially sunken city that players will have to wade through shallow water to traverse and utilize tall skyscrapers to seamlessly go from air to ground
    • swamp – A shallow, watered area where you can compete with opposing players.
    • concert – An outdoor concert venue where players can show off a few dance moves before heading off to claim the chicken dinner. In addition, players can discover and experience many other POIs themselves.
  • New weapon: O12 – Deston also introduces a new weapon that players can use exclusively in Deston. The O12 is a 12-gauge shotgun that boasts increased accuracy and range compared to other shotguns, making it more efficient in mid-to-close range combat.
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Deston consumables

To diversify gameplay, Deston introduces new exclusive consumables. In addition to the climb rope for improved vertical movement, all players spawn with the parachute as a default item. At the new cell phone masts, the combined use of ascent ropes and parachutes enables large distances to be covered quickly in Deston. These items will trigger special in-game interactions and are intended to provide players with a new core gaming experience without disrupting player immersion. Each map-specific utility item is placed in players’ inventory upon entering Deston and can be used as many times as desired. The items do not affect the inventory weight and occupy their own inventory slots.

New function

  • fuel pumps – Deston will introduce working fuel pumps that players can use to refuel their vehicles while navigating Deston. A word of warning though: the gas pumps can cause a devastating explosion if shot at.
  • Security keys and doors – Deston’s security team seems to have been in a hurry to leave Deston and left security keys on the map for players to find. If these are found, players can open special security doors and thus have the opportunity to access high-tier loot. The Security Keys stack in inventory and are consumed after being used on Security Doors.

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