Rumor Mill: Data Leak at Activision & No Sly Cooper?

Rumor Mill: Data Leak at Activision & No Sly Cooper?

After we gave you spicy details about the development of in our rumor mill last week Cyberpunk 2077 as well as the next game of FromSoftware have served, the topics of backward compatibility of PlayStation 3 games, data leak at Activision and the end of the Sly Cooper rumors are on the menu today. As always, you can find our full menu of rumors and leaks in our rumor mill video.

True backward compatibility of PlayStation 3 games coming?

Even if you’re finally with the more expensive price tiers of the extended PlayStation Plus service PlayStation 3 games can play on your current Sony console, they run exclusively via streaming. The reason for this is the exotic hardware architecture of the PlayStation 3, which apparently makes emulation considerably more difficult.

But now there are indications that Sony wants to tackle this flaw: With one new job advertisement The Retro team at PlayStation is looking for a software development engineer who, in addition to bug fixing and developing new features, will also develop new emulators should tackle. This should be integrated into an existing team, so Sony seems to be working on something in this direction.

Rumor mill: PlayStation backwards compatibility?

Also, a new patent filed by Sony last week that addresses the compatibility going from old to new hardware gives rise to hope. But it remains questionable whether we really get a native PS3 emulator on the PS5, or just the expanded one PlayStation Plus service want to improve further. So don’t be too optimistic!

Red alert at Activision because of Warzone Mobile

This week is more tangible Activision to: There was a massive data leak that could change the future of Call of Duty discloses. This is due to the currently ongoing alpha tests of Warzone Mobile: Dataminers were already able to find references to new games in the series, such as Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops 6, during the first tests.

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