WoW: Alliance Hall of Fame is full – but still open

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from Philip Sattler
As soon as the Hall of Fame in WoW is filled with the necessary 100 guilds, it should actually be closed. At the moment, however, it looks as if alliance guilds can still tap into the associated achievement and title.

Since the introduction of the Halls of Fame in WoW, it has never taken so long to fill the last seat. As expected, the Horde filled their 100 slots relatively quickly and then the long wait for the Alliance began. It took until July 1st for the last places to be allocated. With that, the Hall of Fame was full and all heroic deeds and titles were awarded – at least that’s what you’d think.

Because that doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment. On US servers, guilds that defeat the Jailer in Mythic mode will still get the feat Hall of Fame: The Jailer and the appropriate title “Glorious Slayer of the Exile“.

Massively nerfed boss

The interesting thing is that Blizzard actually took the closing of the Hall of Fame as an opportunity to hit the jailer with what is probably the most violent nerf club to date. This made combat significantly easier, which was immediately apparent on US servers.

Blizzard is currently making sure that players can get the coveted feat and the right title much easier than intended. Normally you should assume that this is a bug. However, it is also possible that Blizzard shows intention here. Because again there are doubts that the last places in the Hall of Fame were reached in a clean way. In that case, it could well be that Blizzard already has a handful of guilds in mind that will soon be kicked out of the Hall of Fame and the list is therefore not yet closed.