YouTuber lights Pikachu fireworks in his apartment – ​​fire brigade comes during the live stream

YouTuber lights Pikachu fireworks in his apartment – ​​fire brigade comes during the live stream

Twitch and YouTube are a special patch. Content creators keep coming up with amazing scenarios to put on a show for their viewers. Not all of these are a good idea or even safe. The YouTube streamer iShowspeed also noticed this.

What happened? July 4th was a big holiday in the USA with Independence Day, which is something very special for many Americans. The 4th of July is often associated with large parades or spectacular fireworks (via The YouTube streamer iShowSpeed ​​was planning something similar.

But instead of an organized fireworks display that conformed to security measures, he opted for a smaller version in the middle of his apartment. That soon turned out not to be a good idea.

He placed the firecracker, a small Pikachu on an orange base, on a cardboard box on his bed and lit it live in front of around 38,000 spectators.

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That was really dangerous: As sparks erupted from Pikachu’s head, mind you, to an extent clearly too big for an apartment, iShowSpeed ​​panicked. The YouTuber jumped out of his chair, screamed at the top of his voice and ran away.

In the meantime, the storm of sparks was getting bigger and bigger. Pikachu was now not only shooting sparks from the top of his head and his ears, but also from his arms that were pointing to the side. He also started spinning on the orange base, further scattering his glowing remains around the room.

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So the Pikachu’s right arm came to rest, aimed at a large cardboard box. This stood next to the Pikachu on the YouTuber’s bed and was provided with a danger sign. It apparently contained more fireworks.

iShowSpeed ​​recognizes the danger and for a split second you can see how he grabs the sparking Pikachu and disappears from the picture with him.

Some time later, the fire brigade arrived and entered the room. The live stream was still running at the time, but was ended a few seconds later by iShowspeed without comment.

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iShowSpeed ​​sets off fireworks in the apartment

How is the YouTuber doing after the incident? On Twitter you can read that the people involved are “okay” (@JakeSucky via

iShowSpeed ​​itself just wrote “Pray for me guys” on Twitter. Unfortunately, he did not give a more precise reason for the worrying statement or further details.

Who is iShowSpeed? iShowSpeed ​​is a large streamer that mainly shows gaming content in its live broadcasts on YouTube and has achieved extremely large reach in the past few months.

The controversial streamer only caused a scandal in April 2022 when he was banned for an extremely sexist and hateful appearance in the tactical shooter Valorant.

However, he’s not the first streamer to use pyrotechnics in the apartment: A German streamer also regularly uses impressive effects in small rooms. The 15-year-old Crossmauz uses not only heaps of light effects but also a flamethrower in his apartment.

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