5 months after release, GRID Legends finally has a photo mode

5 months after release, GRID Legends finally has a photo mode

It’s taken a while, but now, around five months after launch, GRID Legends has finally received a photo mode.

This is added with the latest update for the racing game and finally allows you to pause the game and take nice photos.

Premiere for the GRID series

It is the first photo mode in a game of the series and offers you numerous options when taking photos.

This mode is available “in a variety of the game modes” that GRID Legends has to offer, including in Race Creator. Apart from that, the update brings some bug fixes and general improvements.

More GRID Legends news:

For the premiere of the photo mode, the first GRID Legends Photo Mode Challenge is launched in cooperation with partners such as Porsche, The London Eye, Xite, Fordzilla and other partners.

“Every two days there will be a new challenge where players will be asked to take stunning pictures of cars, liveries and iconic locations and share them using the hashtag #GRIDLegendsVP.”

The best pictures should be published on the website and possibly also end up in the game. You will get more information about it at this point.


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