Diablo Immortal: First content update and start of Season 2 – that’s what awaits you

Blizzard made so much money with Diablo Immortal – despite Shitstorm (1)

Blizzard recently had the first Content update for Diablo Immortal put live. In a recent blog entry, the developers are now publishing the Patch Notes – and confirm that the action role-playing game will continue to be expanded with further content in the future. “Our goal is to make Diablo Immortal a game where you can make friends while slaughtering enemies together, and one that you’ll enjoy for years to come,” Blizzard writes. New bosses in the Reliquary of Hell, in-game events and expansions are promised, among other things.

In addition, the creators want to monitor the bot activities in the action role-playing game. In the past few days, reports have accumulated: “We monitor all bot reports and will take disciplinary action if necessary to ensure that these accounts do not negatively affect the gaming experience of our community,” writes Blizzard, calling on players to identify suspicious players report via the in-game tool.