Diablo Immortal: Season 2 Battle Pass is online – price, content and cosmetics

diablo immortal battle pass season 2 cosmetics

Diablo: Immortal is officially in its 2nd season and has released a new Battle Pass. On MeinMMO you will find all the information about the new pass with an overview of the content and price.

How does the Battle Pass work in Diablo Immortal? As so often in service games, the Battle Pass works:

  • Battle Pass with 40 levels
    • Free path with some content
    • Premium path with more valuable content
    • Boost Pass with level-ups and extra content

We show you the complete overview with all content and prices of the different passes on MeinMMO. The patch notes for the Season 2 update can be found here.

Legendary Gems are also available in the Battle Pass. More about the controversial items can be found in the video:

Diablo Immortal: What are Legendary Gems? Facts and locations in 3 minutes

Diablo Immortal: Battle Pass Season 2 – Price & Content

How much does the Battle Pass cost? Each player levels up the pass as they play and receives rewards accordingly. If you spend money, there is more stuff:

  • Standard pass: 0 euros
  • Authorized Pass: €4.99
  • Collector Pass: €14.99

Below is an overview of the content.

What does the free pass offer? On the free path you will receive the following items:

  • 8 x 500 Hilt
  • 26 x 150 Hilt
  • 14 x 150 scrap
  • 9 x Rare Emblems
  • 4 x Normal Gems
  • 3 x Reforging Stone
  • 1 x Magic Dust
  • 1 x spell
  • 1 x Legendary Item
  • 1 x Legendary Emblem
  • 1 x Mysterious Reforging Stone
  • 1 x Legendary 1-Star Gem: Seled’s Debuff
  • 1 x Legendary 2-Star Gem: Fervent Fang

The Free Path is an excellent source of Hilt, the primary currency for Free2Play players. Otherwise there is a lot of scrap (for the blacksmith) and every now and then small highlights, such as a legendary gem or emblems. The good rewards are available every 5 levels.

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With each leveling up, you will also receive a respectable amount of experience points, which will help you level up quickly.

What does he offer empowered Passport? For €5 you unlock a little more at each level. Among them are cosmetics – a weapon skin right at the beginning and an armor skin at the end of the pass.

We embed an image here for you to see the style of the Season 2 cosmetics:

You get all the rewards from the free pass plus the following items:

  • Tier 1 weapon skin
  • Armor skin at level 40
  • 2 x Legendary 2-Star Gem: Fervent Fang
  • 3 x Legendary 1-Star Gem: Seled’s Debuff
  • 55x Scoria (Reliquary of Hell)
  • 10x Normal Gems
  • 12x Normal Emblems
  • 36 x Apprentice Key (Tomb of Fahir)
  • 2x Legendary Emblem
  • 2 x chat emojis

What does the collector’s pass offer? For €15 you get all the rewards from the free path, the items from the Empowered Pass plus the following bonuses:

  • 14 level jumps
  • Portal Cosmetic
  • avatar frame

With the Collector’s Pass, you put a lot of items and experience points directly into your account.

How long do I have for the Battle Pass? The Season 2 pass runs until August 4th and a total of 28 days.

Is it worth it? Unlike in other games, such as CoD: Warzone, you do not get premium currencies from the pass to refinance it. This is a key downside of the Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal.

The premium path is relatively cheap at 5 euros. Competitors often charge 10 euros here. If you play a lot, this path can be worthwhile. If you are unsure, wait until the end and decide shortly before the end of the pass whether the levels you have earned are worth the 5 euros.

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With the Collector’s Pass, it depends on whether you really want the two extra cosmetics and/or the fast progression. Otherwise, keep your distance.

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