Eurojackpot on Friday: Chance of 82 million euros

Eurojackpot on Friday: Chance of 82 million euros

Next Friday, July 8th, the Eurojackpot is 82 million euros. Player safety is always a top priority for WestLotto.

Play safely at WestLotto

All Eurojackpot players hope to win the big one. This hope is not unfounded – because large amounts are paid out to the tippers week after week. With a jackpot of around 82 million, many casual and first-time players are also trying their luck. It is particularly important for them to know where they can find a reputable range of games from the European Community Lottery.

Play safe

As a state lottery company and Eurojackpot organizer, WestLotto is obliged to present a kind of “TÜV seal” for the lottery’s area of ​​responsibility. This includes ISO standard certifications and World Lottery Association standards. The WestLotto acceptance points, where players are assisted by trained staff, and the official WestLotto website guarantee the security of customer data and the selected numbers as soon as the bet is submitted.

Reputable game providers

When playing through the state lottery companies, players participate directly in the lottery. This guarantees the payout in the event of a win. Some online providers only bet on the outcome of the draw. In these cases, there is no entitlement to a payout from the lottery pot, and the player must claim his winnings from the private betting provider. If you want to be on the safe side, you should therefore take a look at the official white list of the Hessian Ministry of the Interior before submitting your bet. All gambling providers that have a license in Germany are listed there.

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WestLotto supports winners

As a state lottery provider, WestLotto continues to support the lucky one who wins a jackpot. Winners can have their ticket checked at a WestLotto acceptance point and receive reliable information. Further contact is made in North Rhine-Westphalia via the WestLotto headquarters in Münster and is always direct.

Secure Participation

If you don’t want to miss the chance to win the 82 million jackpot in the upcoming draw, you can place your bet at any WestLotto acceptance point and at

Participation from 18 years. Gambling can be addictive! Help and advice under BZgA: 0800 1372700 (free of charge). State Licensed

Gambling providers (white list according to § 9 Abs. 8 GlüStV). Jackpot chance 1: 140 million