Forspoken: Release postponed again

Forspoken: Release postponed again

Luminous Productions have announced the release of their action role-playing game Forspoken (from 79.98€ at pre-order) postponed again. The release is targeted for January 24, 2023 instead of October 11, 2022. However, the reasons do not seem to lie in the development.

Discussions with key partners

In a statement about the postponement, the developers provide a brief insight into the background to Forspoken’s second delay. “As a result of discussions with key partners, we have made the strategic decision to delay the release of Forspoken until January 24, 2023”, according to the developers in their communication. All game elements are ready and the development is in the last phase.

With Forspoken appearing both on PC (Steam, Epic Store, Microsoft Store) and as a console exclusive on PlayStation 5, it’s safe to assume that “key partner” means Sony in particular. Furthermore, one could assume that the release of God of War: Ragnarök on November 9th might take place without another console-exclusive release in the same period.

After all, that could also mean less limelight for Forspoken and thus a weaker console start. January 2023 could have been a period without major releases. There is no concrete information about the exact background so far.

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