Guild in Final Fantasy XIV is known for erotic roleplaying – advertises new event with big billboards

Final Fantasy XIV Promotion 2

In Final Fantasy XIV, the guild Rain Nightclub operates a nightclub in which erotic roleplaying (ERP for short) is operated. On July 9th, the guild is holding an event called “Summer Bash”. Huge billboards were even rented in California and Texas to draw attention to this event. But the action backfired.

What is this event? In this event, players will gather on a beach on the Balmung server and celebrate the travel between data centers that has recently become possible. So the event itself is not about ERP and should even be family-friendly.

Nevertheless, the advertising in the real world meets with a lot of misunderstanding, even if the boards are highly praised by some players due to the design. Others, however, find several things that they perceive as problematic about the campaign.

The image of a second billboard, next to the one in the cover photo.

Billboards may violate Square Enix rights

What bothers the players? Four things in particular are criticized in reddit, on Twitter and in the Discord of the guild:

  • The billboards feature the official Final Fantasy and Square Enix logos. From the point of view of some, this could already violate the rights of the developer, after all, a direct connection between the advertising of the event and the game is made here.
  • To make matters worse, mods were probably used to create the poses for the characters. However, these mods are banned in Final Fantasy XIV.
  • In addition, the logos of Discord, Twitch and even three Twitch channels are advertised, but some of them are said to have known nothing about the campaign.
  • Some players also fear that the event on the beach could degenerate into erotic role-playing, after all, that’s what the guild is known for.
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User Aoi summarizes the situation on Twitter as follows: The organizer apparently paid thousands of euros for advertising, only to be banned from FFXIV and possibly even sued:

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Aoi even fears that this action could have far-reaching damage for the entire RP community. Based on the billboards, Square Enix could come up with the idea of ​​banning clubs, modding for screenshots and ERP. However, other players note that he may be taking that concern a little too far.

What do the organizers say? DJ Potate, one of the event’s Twitch streamers, tweeted. He says he wasn’t notified of the billboards and tweeted the images to the internet in the first place.

However, he has since deleted the tweets.

Also, Lily, a former member of Rain Nightclub, emphasizes that the members of the guild were not privy to the action (via Twitter).

What does Square Enix say? So far there is no statement from the developers. It is also unclear whether the event will still take place after the billboards.

What do you think of the billboards? Do you think the idea is good and only the execution failed, or do you not think much of advertising in real life for in-game events? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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