Lightweight gaming mouse 🖱: the 6 best lightweight gaming mice

Lightweight gaming mouse 🖱: the 6 best lightweight gaming mice

The one so far lightest gaming mouse is the per kickstarters funded, 23g light Zaunkoening M1K. The first Zaunkoenig model available for 249 euros, which has been sold out for a few weeks, drove that concept the Lightweight mice on top. Meanwhile, the manufacturer with the Wrench M2K the successor the M1K announced who is now having a scroll wheel is stocked. This extra increases that weight of the extremely light gaming mouse exactly one gram on 24g. On the one hand, this minimal additional weight is due to the fact that the new mouse wheel with a ceramic surface is equipped with which a high durability with low mass is achieved. On the other hand, you keep them Dimensions of the Fence King M1K (60×30×79mm /Volume: 37cc) also with the M2K, and also refrains from further ones here modifier keys.

Source: Wrench

That flyweight the M1K (23g) and M2K (24g) but will also pass carbon fiber as housing material achieved. While in the construction of the M1K in addition to carbon fiber body still a plastic base plate is used, the new model with a mouse wheel has a unibody out carbon fiber. the Switch for the only two Keys of the Zaunkoenig M2K, come again from the Japanese manufacturer Omron (Omron D2F 01F). Inside the very light gaming mouse you will find a 216HzARM MCU from ST Microelectronics (216MHz, Cortex-M7 core) a very powerful processor, which is also for the very high polling rate from 8,000Hz responsible for.

Furthermore, the MCU assists the 12,000 dpi sensor (Pixart PMW 3360) giving you the option of ambidextrous lightweight gaming mouse that dpi ratethe Angle snapping and the lifting height without setting any software. Whether this mouse flyweight, well-equipped for gaming and for the claw or fingertip grip is optimized, you 299 euros is worth it, that’s for you to decide.

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