Minecraft: honors Technoblade with its own monument in the launcher

Minecraft: honors Technoblade with its own monument in the launcher

If you log into the survival sandbox game Minecraft in the future, you should notice a change in the launcher: Mojang honors the recently deceased YouTuber Technoblade with a monument.

The splash art of the Minecraft launcher now features a cute pixel pig proudly wearing a crown on its head: a tribute to the avatar, the Technoblade, who tragically ended his battle with cancer over the past week and way had to give up, used.

Minecraft YouTuber dies at the age of 23: Fans commemorate Technoblade

Technoblade, whose real name was Alex, rose to global fame as one of the most ambitious Minecraft YouTubers ever: over 13 million people still subscribe to his channel. He was best known for his playful sportsmanship, which he was able to demonstrate time and again in a wide variety of PvP challenges in Minecraft. In addition, he was considered one of the central figures of the huge Minecraft community – which is unlikely to change anytime soon thanks to the launcher’s new splash art.

Fans from all over the world have been mourning for days and commemorate the deceased YouTuber in their very own way. They have already asked the Mojang developer studio to build an even larger monument for the streamer. The ideas range from the introduction of the royal pig as an NPC to the words “Technoblade never dies!” within the randomly generated splash text that we see every time we log in.

The developers of Mojang already commented on the tragic event via Twitter: “We’ve tried to find the right words, but all of us here at Minecraft are heartbroken by the loss of Technoblade” and “He meant so much to our community and everything brings a lot of joy” says the tweet.

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