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Standard skill boxing match victory

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Of: Philip Hansen

There will be a rematch between StandartSkill and Leon Machère. The two YouTubers could be back on the boards in a boxing match in six months.

Hamburg – The first fight between the two YouTubers Leon Machère vs. StandartSkill set records. The winner now says they can be challenged again. But he still needs something for two reasons. We bring you all the times and info on Universum Boxing’s rematch.

Full name Rustem Ramaj and Philip Geissler
Known as Leon Machère and StandardSkill
birthday April 16, 1992 and unknown
Place of birth Prizren (Kosovo) and Neuruppin
Followers on YouTube 2.42 million and 3.18 million (as of July 2022)
Followers on Instagram 553,000 and 783,000 (as of January 2022)

Leon Machère boxed again against StandardSkill: “You lose against a fatso!”

That was the big fight: In February 2022, the two German YouTubers Leon Machère vs. StandartSkill met in the boxing ring. The fight was a huge event that even broke attendance records. StandartSkill went home as the winner. With such celebrity boxing matches being popular, the crowd is eagerly anticipating a rematch. Despite broken ribs in the YouTuber fight, there should be a rematch – under one condition that has now been met.

What are the rematch conditions? StandartSkill dominated the first fight. The winner then made the announcement that a rematch would only take place if the loser, in turn, won a fight. On June 26, 2022 there was the boxing match between Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi.

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And indeed: Leon Machère left the ring as the winner – even if there were fake allegations. Leon’s dominance didn’t go unnoticed by StandardSkill. In a reaction video, the champion now spoke about the rematch and also named a time window.

StandartSkill defeats Leon Machère in the fourth round by TKO. © YouTube: UniversumTV

Because Leon Machère won the boxing match, StandardSkill calls for a rematch

This is what StandardSkill has now said: YouTuber StandartSkill was visibly amused as he watched the duel between Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi. He then also agreed to a rematch. His video is called: “I WILL FIGHT LEON MACHERE AGAIN!“Unfortunately, the viewers have to be patient, for two reasons:

  • StandardSkill’s hand is still injured. In the video, he holds up his fist, which is wrapped in bandage and cast. The fight is only possible after recovery.
  • StandardSkill still needs time to downsize. The two boxers will fight in the same weight class. According to StandartSkill, he currently weighs 110 kilos, while Leon Machère only weighs 85 kilos. Both would have to approach each other – the suggestion is 95 kilos.
  • StandardSkill then takes a dig: “He [Leon Machère] crying for weight again“. The aim is that Leon was a fair bit lighter in the first fight and that should be used as an excuse to lose. Otherwise the champion is visibly amused and says: “You lose to a fatso!“.

Rematch between Leon Machère vs. StandartSkill in 2022? That’s what the winner says.

When is the 2nd fight coming? There is no official date for the boxing match yet. However, six months are given as the time window. So that would mean that the two YouTubers will be back in the ring around December 2022.

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Leon Machere Kaan Yavi boxing winner
Leon Machère wins against Kaan Yavi © YouTube: UniversumBoxing

According to StandartSkill, adjusting the weight and healing the hand will take about half a year. He thinks six months is realistic for that second duel Leon Machère vs. Standard Skill. The rematch would then take place a good year after the original duel – an anniversary fight in February 2023 cannot be ruled out.

StandardSkill has this plan for the 2nd boxing match: Since there was already a stink when Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi faced each other, and both were visibly aggressive towards each other, StandartSkill planned a provocation. At the face-off with Leon Machère, he wants to give him a kiss and lure him out of his reserve – sweet.

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