PS5: New firmware 22.01- for download – what’s in the update?

One of the seven new PS5 offerings at Saturn.

Sony released a new one PS5 firmware. Anyone who switches on the PlayStation 5 and is connected to the Internet will find that update 22.01- is available for download today. Alternatively, you can download the update file from the Sony website and play an external storage medium on the console. The patch notes are already available, but this time they are a bit more extensive than the previous changelogs. This is how the PlayStation 5 learns additional functions for the new firmware Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM).

PS5 firmware brings ALLM options

“Are you using a screen that ALLM supported, you can adjust the settings under ‘Settings > Screen and video > Video output > ALLM’,” writes Sony in the patch notes. The new functions include the settings “automatic” and “off”. If you choose “automatic”, your screen will immediately switch to low-latency mode when it detects gameplay – as long as your TV supports this function.