She used to stream Overwatch on Twitch, now she makes way more money from NFT: “99% of NFTs are scams”

Früher streamte sie Overwatch auf Twitch, heute verdient sie mit NFT viel mehr Geld: „99 % der NFTs sind Betrug“

Former streamer Francine “Fran” Vo was known as an Overwatch player on Twitch. However, there is a big NFT drama surrounding them, which repeatedly causes negative reactions on Twitter.

Who is Fran? Fran was a Twitch streamer who is best known for playing Overwatch. Her channel has 251,597 followers (via Twitter).

However, she is no longer active on the platform. According to the Twitch schedule, Fran last streamed in late 2021.

Lately, she’s been a topic of discussion in the community less for her Overwatch gameplay and more for what she says about NFTs. Again and again she spoke about NFTs, which led to discussions under her statements. You can find out what NFTs actually are here.

Here you can see a video of the first successful streamers on Twitch:

Twitch: Who were the first successful streamers?

That was the NFT drama about Fran

The whole NFT drama played out over and over again according to the same principle:

  • Fran released a statement on NFTs
  • Many negative reactions and discussions follow
  • Fran justified herself
  • Harvested criticism for it again

For example, this post on January 22, 2022 caused a lot of discussion:

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Tweet translation: “Do those Overwatch fans who hate NFTs know that the #1 NFT in trading volume right now is being made by people from the Overwatch team?”

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That didn’t go down particularly well. Again, Fran tried the situation with a tweet by writing that the tweet was intended to show the hypocrisy of OW fans who would bully OW people involved with NFTs.

The reactions to this were also mostly negative: The users @SFSEgo and @alka_seltzer799 replied, for example: “Ok, but did you remember that we don’t like anyone who has anything to do with NFTs?” Harassing Overwatch team related to NFTs. Thanks for the motivation!“

Then, on January 25, 2022, Fran released a lengthy statement TwitLonger. In this, she explained that she had no intention of selling NFTs to her fans.

She also apologizes for dropping out of streaming without notice. She always felt like she owed her fans something when they gave money when she streamed based on comments.

After several months, there was renewed discussion about Fran’s NFTs

What fueled discussions about Fran again? After a few months of quieting down on NFT drama, Fran came forward on July 1, 2022 reddit.

She released a statement explaining that she didn’t quit streaming because of NFTs and that trading NFTs was a hobby on the side. Through their explanations hope for a greater understanding of their point of view.

There was a passage that again led to negative comments on Twitter. Among other things, Fran wrote:

[…] I would like to start off by saying that I believe 99% of NFTs are for scams and I have never intentionally sold an NFT to a follower/viewer. As far as I know since everything is anonymous (listing, selling and buying NFTs). However, just because NFTs are a scam doesn’t mean they aren’t profitable […].

franplayshalo via reddit

She went on to explain that she has become so good at NFT trading that she has made more money in 3 months trading NFTs than in her entire 5 year Overwatch streaming career.

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on Twitter again, people reacted mostly negatively when user @NyanSox reposted part of Fran’s text on the same day.

What did Twitter users say about Fran’s statement? The user @NyanSox already writes in the title of the reblog that the excerpt of the text seems simple to him.

Fran admits that NFTs are scams, they hurt people, and that it’s okay to hurt others because they should know better and Fran makes profit out of it.

In the comments, many users comment negatively on this:

  • @XhyliFPS: “Yeah, her statement struck me as kind of weird, good for her I think?”
  • @VegetaSasukeo: “She got greedy. It follows trends. First she had hopped on the OW bandwagon for years and when she saw the trading card openings she jumped on that bandwagon for a quick buck, then the NFTs. I wonder how she sleeps at night knowing she has benefited from both these trends and these people.”
  • @syrasmineoce: “Oh. I always thought she was cool (I wasn’t too involved in the Overwatch scene), but I guess not anymore. How terrible.”

How did Fran react? Then Fran explained Twitterwhat she meant by saying “NFTs are scams”. Namely, that most of these NFT projects would not last very long and would then lose value again over time.

It seems like Fran is talking head and neck when it comes to NFTs. As soon as she makes a statement to improve her situation, some use the words against her again.

How did Fran deal with the negative reactions? In her statement TwitLonger of Jan. 25, the streamer went into detail, explaining what was bothering her:

Streaming wasn’t as easy for me as it might seem. I’ve been harassed almost every single day since my franplayshalo days. This went from a creepy comment to pictures I absolutely didn’t want to see in my DMs […] The extreme loneliness and unhealthy habits I’ve developed from streaming have done a lot of damage. I’m not even going to start with the bullying. My entire self-esteem depended on likes and numbers. I wish I never have to experience that again.

@FRANA_OW via TwitLonger

Fran was unhappy with her job as a streamer in general and had some issues outside of the whole NFT thing as well.

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The NFT story isn’t the first time Fran has faced negative comments and hate. Although Fran won an Overwatch tournament with her team, she was flamed.

What do you think of Fran’s NFT drama? Tell us in the comments.