“Stranger Things” creators found studio for new series

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Death Note, Spinoffs & More

Stranger Things creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer are getting their own production studio. Spin-offs, plays, a Death Note series and a Stephen King adaptation are planned.


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“Stranger Things” is one of the most successful series on Netflix. Now new hits are to follow.

Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, known as the Duffer brothers and creators of the hit series Stranger Things, have a own production studio founded in cooperation with Netflix.

This bears the name “Upside Down Pictures” and is intended, among other things Stranger Things spinoff seriesplays in the same universe, one “Death Note” series and produce the Stephen King-based “The Talisman” series.

The plan is to base the production of new formats on the formula for success that has made “Stanger Things” one of the most successful Netflix series ever did. In an interview with the magazine deadline explain what is planned for the future.

The live-action series adaptation of “Death Note”, the Japanese manga and anime series, aims to be a completely new version of the already known history. Netflix released a film version back in 2017, but it wasn’t well received by fans.

The series based on the Stephen King novel “The Talisman”, on the other hand, is something completely new. Compared to “Stanger Things” the series should more fantasy, more science fiction and also more horror Offer.

However, work will begin in August Script of the last “Stranger Things” season. Always confident about working with the Duffer brothers, Netflix states:

“Matt and Ross are unique talents with a clear vision. It’s no coincidence that Stranger Things has resonated with the zeitgeist and become the epic pop culture phenomenon it is today. We look forward to continuing to create new stories with them.” to share as Upside Down Pictures grows, and to welcome Hilary as a creative partner.”

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