Survival Hope Rooted: Steam Closed Alpha Announcement

Survival Hope Rooted: Steam Closed Alpha Announcement

from Michael Miskulin
The developers of survival hope Rooted have announced closed alpha sessions of the game for later in the year. This is intended to obtain specific feedback in order to be able to help with the development. There’s also a new trailer and a new Kickstarter campaign.

The survival game Rooted, which was announced for Steam in March and also has technical potential thanks to Unreal Engine 5, is considered a new glimmer of hope within the genre. An indie developer is responsible for this and uses the new Unreal Engine 5. In an official Steam post, the developers at Headlight Studios have now announced a closed alpha. There is also a new trailer to go with it.

Rooted with Unreal Engine 5: New life sign from survival game

Rooted: Closed Alpha later in the year

The developers explain via Steam that it is important for the team to get feedback from players and fans and to be able to present early features. The team already had their own for this purpose Discord server put on. For the same reason, the developers have now also announced their plan to open closed alpha sessions later in the year. In this way, feedback on certain features should be able to be obtained. However, there will be no access to the full game as it is simply not finished yet. Interested players should be able to apply as alpha testers using a form in the future. In addition, active users of social media also receive alpha keys. Finally, some Kickstarter backers will also get access to the Alpha.

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Rooted: Kickstarter Pre-Launch

In the same blog post, indie developers at Headlight Studios announced the pre-launch of their Kickstarter campaign announced. This crowdfunding campaign aims to ensure the independence of the team. At the same time, according to the team, several publishers reported to the developers. There will also be more information here at a later date.

Source: Steam