TESO: Update 35 nerfs DpS professionals, casuals should be able to keep up better

TESO: Lost Depths and Update 35 Announced - Release Date and Content (1)

Since yesterday, July 6, 2022, we have known that the Lost Depths dungeon DLC and free update 35 will be released on August 22, 2022 on PC/Mac, Steam and Stadia and on September 9, 2022 on Xbox and PlayStation. In addition to the two dungeons Earthroot Enclave and Capsize Depths, you can expect balance changes, the introduction of additional “mini-events” for battlegrounds and broad-based improvements to experience gain in PvP in general.

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That changes with the combat system

As in the last updates, significant changes to the combat system of TESO fall under “Balance changes”. In a extensive preview the Zenimax developers have now given an outlook on the planned adjustments. The developers have two main goals for Update 35: to make in-game combat more accessible by increasing the duration of outgoing effects (damage over time, buffs, and ailments), and also to balance excessive damage production at the higher end of the scale. You can find out what that means in concrete terms below.


If you want to achieve maximum damage in TESO at the moment, you have to master “weaving”, i.e. the activation of several actions within the global cooldown. This quirk has always characterized the game’s combat system, and many players enjoy mastering this style of play.

Unfortunately, weaving actions has such a severe impact on performance that players who don’t master this quirk are left miles behind. There’s nothing wrong with that in general, because it’s just part of the process for players who max out the system to deal more damage. However, the difference shouldn’t be that big.


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