There is an official Pokemon horoscope: which Pokemon would you be?

Attention Pokémon fans: Which zodiac Pokémon would you be?

Attention Pokémon fans: Which zodiac Pokémon would you be?

Friends of astrology, today we are gathering here to take a look into the crystal ball. If you know what your stars are, you’re more than welcome to explore with us what your Heart Pokemon might be.

Joking aside, the fifth generation of Pokémon games features a television series that features its own Pokémon horoscope with Unova region Pokémon assigned by month. It fits perfectly and is quite funny at times. What Pokemon Zodiac Sign Are You (via Pokewiki)?

Pokemon horoscope: Which Pokemon is your zodiac sign?

birth month The Pokemon description
January crown juvenile (ibex) “You are characterized by sincerity and loyalty and you will not be dissuaded from these ideals.
You would never betray anyone and the people around you trust you implicitly.
The only thing missing from perfection is a dash of generosity!”
February Sodachita (Aquarius) “You are a freedom-loving person who puts your strong individuality above everything else!
You radiate a mysterious aura that really captures the people around you and whose fascination they can hardly escape!
Just a touch more humanity and you are perfect!”
March Mamolida (fish) “You have a kind nature and are a considerate and compassionate fellow.
The people around you know what they have in you and your warmth.
You really just lack a little assertiveness to perfection!”
April Elfun (Aries) “They don’t like to lose and have a strong sense of justice!
People around you respect you for your straightforwardness!
Just a dash of warmth and you are perfect!”
May Bisofanque (Taurus) “You’re more the easygoing, peaceful type!
You just feel safe and secure around you.
All they need to achieve perfection is a pinch of enterprising spirit!”
June click (twins) “They are always lively and lively, and are driven by a healthy curiosity.
People around you enjoy your cheerful disposition and are impressed by your general knowledge.
A little more patience would definitely do them good, though!”
July Castellith (Cancer) “You are a bright mind and have a razor-sharp mind.
Your brisk manner rubs off on those around you and lets those around you share your vigor.
However, don’t forget to listen to the opinions of others!”
August Washakwil (Lion) “You are a hardworking person who is always willing to help!
The people around you know they can trust you blindly.
They just lack a little restraint and humility.”
September Hypnomorba (virgin) “You’re someone who can instantly assess the situation wherever you go, and people around you appreciate your judgment!
Now, if you just work on your generosity a little bit, you’ll be rid of all your worries!”
October Laternecto (Scales) “They have common sense and at the same time have a very even-tempered nature.
You act thoughtfully and always make balanced decisions!
All you’re missing is maybe a little more enthusiasm!”
November Cerapendra (scorpion) “You are always enthusiastic and fully convinced of what you do!
The people around you can’t hold a candle to your enthusiasm!
However, sometimes you could try to take things a little more lightly!”
December Sharfax (Gunner) “They like to throw themselves in and do anything once they put their mind to it!
Your talent earns you a lot of respect in those around you.
However, sometimes you could benefit from a little more care!”

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Apart from this amusing Pokémon chart, however, the television shows in the Pokémon games are also full of interesting surprises. For example, there are Japanese classes, gym leader gossip, a Pokémon quiz, and more. The whole thing has developed into a real tradition since the third generation of Pokémon games, but there is also a radio counterpart to some of them.

What is your zodiac sign and what Pokemon would you pick for each month of the chart if you weren’t limited by region?