Toy shooter goes viral – millions are hooked on the game

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Of: Jonas Dirkes

Who hasn’t wanted to really tear apart a toy store? The viral hit Hypercharge Unboxed now makes it possible.

Hamburg – Do you remember when Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the gang had to break into the Toy Barn to rescue fellow cowboy Woody? That’s exactly what a few clever developers have now basically programmed a full-blown shooter from. The toy fun goes by the name of Hypercharge Unboxed and has little to do with Toy Story 2 in terms of play. The viral hit on Twitter is more like a fresh version of Halo.

Hypercharge Unboxed: This shooter toy is taking the internet by storm © Digital Cybercherries

If you don’t know Hypercharge yet, you’re missing out on a childhood dream

Hypercharge Unboxed, what is that now? Hypercharge Unboxed is packed with everything a child’s heart desires: whether it’s little green plastic soldiers, Beyblades or robots – here we’ve dug into the toy box and packed everything into a promising video game. This not only ensures undeniable show values, but is also well received on the Internet. A tweet by eSports personality Jake Lucky about Hypercharge Unboxed reached over 12 million views within 24 hours.

Players seem fascinated by the childhood dream that has become a game. But the really crazy thing about the story is that Hypercharge Unboxed was actually released in 2020 for PC and Switch. So the spectacle achieved late fame and finally a larger audience. They are currently working on an adaptation of Hypercharge Unboxed for the Xbox. If you don’t want to miss any news about this, you can register in a official mailing list Sign up for Hypercharge Unboxed.

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There is enormous potential for the future in Hypercharge Unboxed

What does Hypercharge Unboxed offer? Hypercharge Unboxed has certainly not yet played out its full potential. Anyone who throws themselves into the toy shooter can currently prove themselves in a kind of horde mode in which they defend a hyper core with up to three friends. There is also a classic PvP mode that should remind quite a few of the genre leader Halo. Another mode called “Survive” is planned for Hypercharge Unboxed in the future.

The Toy Story Gang in the toy car can't believe how viral Hypercharge Unboxed is going right now
Toy Story 2 as a shooter – Hypercharge is going viral © Disney/Pixar

The possibilities for expanding every 90’s kid’s wet video game dream should also be tremendous. Hypercharge Unboxed is currently still targeting fictional action figures – but players are already imagining what would happen if the many rows of the toy store were filled with real brands. The freely designable game characters are also crying out for a franchise, as Fortnite has been pushing for years.