Uncharted: More films with Tom Holland are to follow

Uncharted movie

Unchartedthe alternative History of treasure hunter Nathan Drake, hit theaters in February 2022. Despite mediocre criticism and little reference to video game seriesthe movie failed achieve good results.

So what’s next for “Uncharted”?

Uncharted movies become franchises

After the first released Uncharted movie with a Grossed over $400 million when it was a complete success, the question is of course still there possible sequels in the room. Sony expresses internal interest in a sequel.

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In a report by The Ankel about Sony’s upcoming movies it says that Uncharted is now a franchise. An internal memo reveals that while Sony has yet to confirm a sequel, it has Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman be excited about it myself.

But what exactly does it mean when the video game series becomes a movie franchise? It is unclear whether there will be a direct sequel to the “Uncharted” film or to what extent the other parts will be based on the games.

Given the success of the first film and Sony’s efforts to Playstation-Bringing titles to the big screen seems some kind of Continuation of Nathan Drake’s adventures secured.

Will Tom Holland continue to play Nathan Drake?

Whose face can we expect for Nathan Drake should Uncharted actually become a movie franchise?

Apparently Sony tried the already through the Spider Man Movies well-known actors Tom Holland not only to win for another “Spider-Man” trilogy, but also want him continue to play the adventurer Nathan Drake.


For those who haven’t had the chance to follow Tom Holland as Nathan Drake on his treasure-hunting adventures, there is good news:

“Uncharted” will be fine Coming to Netflix soon! The exact date is not fixed yet a release in mid-July would be possible.

Uncharted: The MovieUncharted: Netflix is ​​likely to list the film soon


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