Valorant: Astra’s pick rate has hit a new low, what can Riot do?

Valorant’s agent Astra was a big hype when it was released. Many have rushed to play them and also in the professional field you’ve seen Astra in almost every game. But things have been quiet about the agent for some time now, her pick rate has even increased reached new low.

Valorant’s Astra is hardly played anymore

After a long time appearing by default in almost every game, Astra is today almost complete from the screen disappeared. A while ago, Riot nerfed them in a patch, giving you both higher cooldown brought one as well cost of their stars.

Since then, their numbers have plummeted. According to the data from valor buff their pick rate is competitively low 3.9 percent. The lowest stats in the entire game. Your nerve has certainly contributed a lot. At the same time, their controller colleagues Omen and Brimstone too buffed. Their pick rate is stable 32.6 percent (omens) and 26.6 percent (Brimstone).

How can Riot solve the problem?

The most obvious answer is sometimes the best: Astra needs a buff. It should be a small one so she doesn’t get overrepresented again. Whether you Adjust cooldownher her lost star returns or turning another screw doesn’t matter for now. The fans have been asking for a buff for a long time, but Astra seems to be not on Riot’s bucket list to stand.

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First it is the turn of other agents, who are also rather underrepresented. Phoenix, Yoru and KAY/O should get a buff first thing in the next patch. Especially Yoru and Phoenix need it, because with 9.9 percent (Yoru) and 8.1 percent (Phoenix) they are also rarely represented in the game.

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So it stays wait and see, what will happen with Astra. She will probably first on her remain seated at low numbers.