Valorant: Episode 5 Act 2 details and leaked agent

Episode 5 act 1 from Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant is only a few weeks old and the players are already speculating about the next act: When does he appear? What will it be in battle pass give? In addition to all the anticipation, there is also a new agent leaked been. We summarize everything clearly for you.

Episode 5 Act 2: These are the details

Act 1 of the fifth episode had a lot to offer. A packed Battlepass and of course the new map Pearl. With her went one for some time new queue at the start, where you could only search for players for the new map. So the last act was a great success. All eyes are already on the next big update and the second act.

When does Act 2 start? It is to be expected that the second act will follow directly on the Expiration of the current Battlepass follows. So if you’re waiting for new content, you have to register at least until the August 23, 2022 be patient On this day the current promotion ends and it is time for new input.

What can we expect? In the next act it becomes one new battle pass give. So if you can’t do much with the current one or have already played it through, you can look forward to new skins, sprays, player cards and more goodies be happy.

It could also be that there is a new one Skin series outside of the Battlepass will give. Whether this time a set or two appear is unknown, we can be curious.

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ValorantValorant: Astra’s pick rate has hit a new low, what can Riot do?

Valorant’s 21st agent leaked

Under the Codenamed Mage is the 21st agent in development in Riot’s shooter. After just recently a card had to give way due to the high total number, the selection of playable characters expanded. The list would be existing problem children long enough: Astra’s pick numbers have fallen to a new low and other agents like Phoenix and Yoru should be revised again.

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At least that one last two Riot now seems to be taking care of it. You should positive adjustments received so that they can be played more often again.