What type of player are you in The Elder Scrolls Online?

What type of player are you in The Elder Scrolls Online?

The big MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) offers ideal content for every type of player. But which type do you actually correspond to and how can ESO respond to your needs here? Find out with our ESO personality quiz.

Online role-playing games are played by a wide variety of people. Some love to dig hard into the game. Others, on the other hand, only play on the side and especially when there is a new add-on.

Still others are hunters, gatherers, and avid crafters. Of course, a typical group of players in ESO also role-plays and thinks up complex characters and scenarios.

New gameplay trailer celebrates the release of ESO High Isle on PS5, PS4, and Xbox

But what type of player are you? To help you know what type of player you are and what you can do in ESO, we created this personality quiz for you. In it you will find out whether you are more of a hardcore gamer, casual gamer, role-playing player or collector.

How does the quiz work? You can answer a total of 8 questions about your playing style in ESO and at the end you will get an assessment of your player type. Each question fits a certain type and in the end the answers that prevail for you decide.

You can repeat this quiz as often as you like. But you can no longer change answers while filling them out. If you got the answers completely wrong, refresh the page and the quiz will start over.

But no matter what comes out of the quiz and what type of player you are, in The Elder Scrolls Online and especially in the current chapter High Isle you have a lot to do afterwards.

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ESO and the new chapter High Ilse offer a lot of content for every type of player. So you will definitely get your money’s worth and can let off steam to the full.