WoW: Bravery points reset in Season 4 – don’t get a cap

WoW: Season 4 - faster to the loot!  Weekly quests will be adjusted

Now we have each other used to the bravery points reintroduced with WoW Shadowlands. We earn a few of the points with each Mythic Plus run, which we can then use to upgrade our equipment captured there. How high can we raise the item level, depends on our Mythic Plus rating and of course also on the bravery points available. In general, the system is very popular because it offers many advantages.

So that no player has an advantage at the beginning of a new season and can immediately upgrade a large amount of equipment, the bravery points are reset to 0 with each change of season. It will too at the start of Season 4 on August 3, 2022 happen. Any bravery points you have at this point will be converted to gold and credited to you.