WoW finally wants to find a solution for the most annoying resource

WoW Creation Catalyst 2

The Cosmic Flux is really annoying a lot of players right now. But World of Warcraft promises to finally change something – and soon.

Drawing alts is pretty easy in World of Warcraft right now. Blizzard has now removed most of the grind from the game, so that the 2nd or 3rd character can move up relatively easily. Only one resource is still causing problems, the Cosmic Flux. But that will be addressed in the next few days.

What’s the problem right now? This can be fixed quite easily with one term: Cosmic Flux (Cosmic Flux). This resource is needed in World of Warcraft for two main purposes:

  • Crafting legendary items at max rank (291).
  • Converting items into tier set pieces at the Creation Catalyst.

Transmuting items in particular requires a solid amount of cosmic flux. This means that secondary characters often have to farm the flux for hours, while the main characters of the corresponding account often have tens of thousands of units of flux on the high bank that they will never use again.

Converting items into tier set pieces is considered an absolute must in many areas, as tier set bonuses drastically power up characters. That means you need a lot of flux.

Here you can create animal set parts – and that consumes a lot of Cosmic Flux.

What does Blizzard want to change? in the official WoW forum developer Scariizard spoke up, stating that they “plan to adjust the availability of Cosmic Flux at or near the launch of Season 4.”

Although the concrete plans for what that can look like are still being discussed, the goal is clear: players should get cosmic flux more easily, which is currently a major annoyance and forces many characters into content that they actually don’t want to see, so that they can then develop their full potential in raids, dungeons or PvP.

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Which solution is most likely? Looking at how Blizzard has addressed the issue with other resources, there are basically two ways that cosmic flux could be made accessible in the future:

  • The previous sources of Cosmic Flux (Dungeons, Torghast, Treasures, etc.) are buffed drastically and grant much more Cosmic Flux.
  • Characters can purchase a new item and send Cosmic Flux to alternate characters.

It is not yet clear whether Blizzard will choose one of these two variants or a completely different path.

When is the change coming? Season 4 starts on August 3rd, 2022, so in almost 4 weeks. The change is supposed to happen then or shortly after, so all players will have to wait a while or farm the flux the traditional way in the meantime.

We have explained in our guide how best to farm flux.