WoW: Villain talent trees in Dragonflight – our wishes

There was a time when our villains were even dispellers.  Because we had the tools to quickly cleanse dangerous Rage effects from enemies. 

Anyone who regularly reads Buffed knows that old Karsten has had a lot of fun with the classic content of World of Warcraft since the beginning, although I had already played Vanilla and Burning Crusade very extensively in their original form. One reason for my Classic enthusiasm is certainly based on the old talent trees, which have not existed in this form since Mists of Pandaria. So, unsurprisingly, I’m excited that Blizzard wants to bring talent trees back with the upcoming Dragonflight expansion. Whether that will be cool, however, depends heavily on the options that will be available to our villains in the trees. So that this great responsibility doesn’t just rest on the shoulders of the WoW designers, here’s my personal wish list for the Dragonflight talent trees for rogues.

WoW Dragonflight: UI updates and talent tree comeback in the video preview

More support for the raid!

In the PvE endgame, villains are once again in a situation where they are defined solely by their damage potential. This becomes a big problem at the latest when the balancing doesn’t fit, i.e. when all the classes that offer special advantages to a raid cause the same or higher damage than villains. Or, if a boss fight is designed so melee-unfriendly that all front-line soldiers are sorted out who can contribute nothing or too little other than their DpS value.

Don’t get me wrong, the rogue has always been an offensive specialist. Nevertheless, there were always phases in WoW history in which he was able to provide the raid with useful buffs and debuffs. It’s almost cynical that you can now only find some of these support options with the PvP talents. I mean them of course smoke bomb and the talent Real villain friends. It would be cool if there was a way in the new talent tree to turn the current smoke bomb into a defensive emergency CD for PvE challenges.

There was a time when our villains were even dispellers. Because we had the tools to quickly cleanse dangerous Rage effects from enemies.

Source: buffed

Or if we with our rogue trade would once again have the option of specifically increasing the damage of an ally for a certain time in addition to the threat. If the threat of damage dealers were to actually play a role in Dragonflight, then we would even have to deal with an exciting choice: when do I give the rogue trade to my tank (the safe choice) and when do I risk it and increase the damage of a DpS colleague to unimagined heights – exciting!

There are also other abilities or attacks in the past through which the villain guild was able to earn their laurels as a supporter. I’m thinking of this for example Improved armor weaken, which allowed us to be more efficient than warriors at reducing enemy armor values, significantly increasing the damage of all melee fighters and hunters. More of a side note is certainly in comparison hemorrhage, which with its charges in Vanilla and Burning Crusade could increase the physical damage dealt by the rogue and its allies. I don’t really care what the support looks like in the end that the villain in Dragonflight can provide. It would only be important that we bring more than just DpS.

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