Esports team posts picture of 8 CoD pros – later apologizes for misogyny

Esports team posts picture of 8 CoD pros - later apologizes for misogyny

Team Atlanta FaZe has signed some of the best US pro players in Call of Duty esports. But a post went terribly wrong on social media: a picture of 8 well-known male CoD professionals was published on Twitter with a filter that depicts them as women. And asked, “How many drinks to take home?” — That was a mistake that deserved an apology.

Atlanta Faze had to apologize for this post:

  • Atlanta FazE posted an image on Twitter around 5 p.m. on July 5 showing 8 male call-of-duty professionals with a “What they look like as women” filter. This was provided with the hashtag “EZAF” – meaning “easy as fuck” – extremely easy or simply “FaZe” read backwards
  • It was accompanied by the caption, “How many drinks to take home?”
  • Players such as Seth “Scump” Abner or Chris “Simp” Lehr were considered with the “gender swap filter”.

“How many drinks to take home?”

Why is the picture so problematic? The picture is mainly seen as problematic because of the question “How many drinks to take them home”.

Because the question can be read in two ways:

  • Either the man has to get drunk to get involved with one of the women
  • Or the men have to get the women drunk to hook up with them

In any case, alcohol consumption is closely linked to sexuality and somewhere women are supposed to be evaluated for their sexual attractiveness.

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A lot of people on Twitter have a problem with that. They make this clear in the comments:

  • “Absolutely awesome. Can’t say I’m surprised though. Shut up FaZe Bro shit.”
  • “What were you thinking when you posted that?”
  • “Try damn harder. That should never have been written and certainly shouldn’t have come out of the drafts.”
  • “To be clear, the filters themselves weren’t a problem in the slightest. Everyone can handle it. But how do you talk about women here? About how bangable they are?”

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But there are also some who defend FaZe:

  • “I have a feeling it’s a perception thing. The meaning of the post is “how many drinks do you need to take home” because soberly you would see clearly that these are men with filters – not real women.”
  • “The fact that you have to apologize for a filter is so stupid. That’s one thing on the internet that everyone with a pinch of humor knows.”
  • “Absolutely insane that stuff like that would offend people these days. The world has gotten so soft, man. I’m all for women’s rights and equal rights and all, but that was a couple of pro players in the women’s filter. It looked fun and it was hilarious. My God.”

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This is how the clan reacts: The “Altanta FaZe” team apologized 2 days later, on July 7th, for the “misdirected” tweet that it was not okay.

“We understand that there is no room for misogyny or harassing behavior and that women and the Call of Duty community deserve better.”

Atlanta FaZe is the result of an esports investor in Atlanta with esports clan FaZe.

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FaZe is always involved in controversy, most recently an attempt was made to set an example:

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