Terminator, Open World, Survival: New game announced by Nacon

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True to its promise, the Terminator has indeed returned. This time, however, not in the form of a new film, but in a brand new video game. Nacon recently announced Terminator Survival Project, which is probably still a working title. The new title is an open-world survival game set in the Terminator universe.

Survival game in the Terminator universe

There is already a short reveal trailer, but it doesn’t provide too much information. We see a pair of sunglasses lying on the floor, which may belong to one of the protagonists from the films. Further we see an opening door revealing a silhouette. Anyone who thought directly of the Terminator here, of course with a sea of ​​flames behind them, is probably spot on.

“Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the title offers an original story that builds on the events of the official films. You play as a group of nuclear apocalypse survivors struggling to survive in a time span between Judgment Day and the founding of John Connor’s resistance to staying alive,” writes Nacon on the official website of the game.

The Last Judgment, or also Judgment Day, could happen anywhere between 1995 and 2021 due to the different timelines. So when the new Terminator game will play exactly is quite difficult to estimate. There is also no exact release date, but the title should appear “in the future” on PC and consoles. In the future, however, is probably not too meaningful in a Terminator game.

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